The aim of our Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program is to ensure that children who do not have anyone to help them receive psycho-social, education, hygiene and nutritional support from us. We care about offering holistic services to improve the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children. We also focus on equipping households to be resilient in the face of the socio-economic challenge to ensure that children are well.



The children in our target areas roam about like animals with no one to care for them; we feed these children, clothe them and rehabilitate and reunite them with their parents and hold meetings with village heads and parents to sensitize them on the need to take care of their children. We bath these children who have not taken their baths for years and provide soaps and detergents to all the households for the hygiene of their children.


We have rehabilitated over 1400 children, apart from those that we enrolled in Afri-Mission School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, about 15 student orphans are under the scholarship of our OVC program.
In Nigeria, orphanage homes have a lot of work loads with very few helping hands. There are now high records of abandoned children in our country due to the prevalent economic hardships. We have visited orphanage homes and observed that some of the children in the homes are malnourished and lack adequate care due to lack of funds and shortage of staff in some homes.
To help ameliorate the effect of inadequate funds in the orphanages on the lives of the children our OVC team visits orphanage homes with gift items.

A donation of $100 will provide food for an orphan or a vulnerable child who moves around the bush like wild animal and keep him/her in school for a period of one term.