15 minutes video outlining AMEN’s  Vision, Mandate, Who we are, About us, What we do, our impacts and Prospects.


To take the gospel and love of Christ to all villages in African countries where Christ has not been preached and to bring to the cognizance of African Christians that Jesus will soon come and all hands must be on deck to evangelize the African continent in fulfillment of the Great Commission.


(1) To reach out to the lost souls with the gospel and love of Christ in all African villages where Christ has not been named.

(2) To carry out humanitarian interventions to neglected, marginalized, unreached and hard to reach areas in Africa

(3) To recruit, train, and send missionaries and evangelists for God’s harvest in Nigeria.

(4) To plant churches in villages of African countries where there are no churches.

(5) To assist Christians across all denominations in fulfilling the Great Commission.

(6) To give grants and financial support to missionaries and evangelists to enable them carry out the assignment which God has given them to do.

(7) To hold city-wide Crusades to prepare African people for the second coming of Christ.



We are ordinary people called and empowered by God to break denominational barriers and congregate to do great things in fulfillment of the Great Commission.