(Ordinary People doing Great things for Jesus)

12 minutes video outlining AMEN’s  Vision, Mandate, Who we are, About us, What we do, our impacts and Prospects.

In obedience to heavenly instruction to vacate the pastorate and focus extensively on missionary work, Oscar Amaechina resigned from Christ Reconciliation and Deliverance Ministry, a church he founded in 2006. The mission directorate of the church which has been reaching the unreached people groups in Northern Nigeria since 2007 was separated from the church and now bears the name Afri- Mission and Evangelism Network with other mission sensitive organizations as partners. The network is registered as a Non Profit Incorporated Trustee with Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The management team of Afri-mission and Evangelism Network comprises of Mission Board of Trustee, Mission President and Mission Directors.

Afri-mission and Evangelism Network is a consortium of mission minded churches and faith- based Christian organizations. We came together to harness and appropriate our individual potentials and merge them together to advance the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ to areas where Jesus has not been preached with special focus to African villages.

Various heads of ministries congregates in the nearest proximity to form the leadership team of AMEN and everyone contributes his/her quota so that we can achieve what we could not achieve working in isolation. The mandate of the Great commission cannot be fulfilled by a single organization. We need to come together so that efficiency can be enhanced and outputs maximized. Mission minded organizations are invited to join us to continue to do great things for Jesus.


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