The story of Miriam the wife of the chief priest who drove the missionaries out of the village with a sword is amazingly awesome. The power of God to transform lives is evidenced in Miriam’s life. This is what Miriam testified to the glory of God Almighty.

“I am the wife of the Chief priest of the Idol in my village, when the missionaries came to our village, I was covering my nakedness with leafs; It was strange for us to see people who are not members of our community coming to speak with us. We all resisted them and told them to go away with their strange God. They persisted and continued to tell us about Jesus and at a time I realized that I was now listening to them but I had reservation, I told them not to allow this Jesus to come to our village because we do not have clean water, good house and good food for Him, I thought that Jesus was a wealthy and influential man. I later discovered that Jesus is my creator and savior and I gave my life to Him and took the missionaries to my husband (chief priest) they told him about Jesus and requested that he give his life to Him. My husband got angry with me and the missionaries and drove them away with a sword. The missionaries never gave up on him they continued talking to him until one day he also embraced Jesus and abandoned the shrine and the idol. Since then, our lives have never been the same, Christianity has covered our nakedness, provided us with foods and whenever we are sick I pray to Jesus and He heals us, we are now enjoying Jesus and we have been telling everyone about the love of Christ. People are coming from other villages to see what Jesus has done for us, praise God. My husband died last year but my joy is that I know that he has gone to be with Jesus”. – Miriam



Hassana came to our meeting and was reluctant to surrender her charms but after much argument she agreed. Her decision to throw away her idol and embraced Jesus was the turning point in her life. She was afraid that she would die without her charm but the prince of peace took over her life and gave her everlasting peace. She was so excited about the peace she found in Christ that she joyfully declared it.


“The Missionaries came to the village and told us about a God called Jesus and ordered us to bring out our charms because Jesus has taken over our lives and the entire village. I was reluctant to release my charm because I strongly believe that my life depends on it, but Pastor persuaded me to bring it because there was no power in it, I later allowed them to cut my charm but I was afraid that I will die, when I got back home I told my family members that I have given my charm to that man who brought strange God to us and they all told me to prepare for my death. I slept that Night thinking that I will not wake up in the morning but to my surprise I slept peacefully, the way that I never slept since I was born. Ever since that day, I have been sleeping well and I have not been sick. I thank the missionaries for removing my charm from me and giving me a good God who has saved my life and provided my family with food and clothes, Praise God”. – Hassana



Haya and his friends came to attack us but when the mission president saw them from a far, he beckoned on them gave them gifts which turned them from Enemies to Friends and sons of Christ. Haya has this to say.

“When I heard about this missionaries that were coming to tell our people about the God of the Christians, I planned with my friends to attack them but on reaching where they were, their leader beckoned on us and gave us gifts. Since I was born, I had never received gift from anybody, I was overwhelmed and surprised about the kindness of these strangers who came to our village to give us gifts, they gave me shirts, trousers, rice, noodles, soaps and detergents. These missionaries did not preach to me but when I received these gifts, I made up my mind to serve the same God that has made them to have the burden to come into the bush in search of us to assist us. I then went to the leader of the team and told him that I want to be a Christian and he prayed with me and declared me a Christian. Since then, I have been happy and Christianity has transformed my life”.-Haya




The story of naked Juma and his friends who roam the village and sleep in the bush is an amazing one. When they sited our missionaries, they were aggressive and wanted to stone us but we lovingly charmed them and they listened to the gospel of Christ and surrendered to the saving power of Christ.

“I testify on behalf of my friends, before the coming of missionaries into our villages, we were roaming about the village aimlessly but one day we were under  the tree when the missionaries came to us with the gospel of Christ. They told us about a caring God who will give us a fresh start if we accept Him. They gave us food, clothe and detergents and invited us to the village square where they taught us how to stay in our houses and stop roaming about like wild animals, they taught us how to take care of ourselves and educated our parents on how to love us and care for us. These missionaries visit our village every 3 months to supply us with food, clothes, and detergents and teach us about Jesus. They also appointed a pastor who takes care of us and teach us more things about Jesus. We are now happily living in our houses and are waiting for the completion of the school project which the missionaries are constructing so that we can go to school. Praise God”- Juma


“Our village has been suffering from acute water scarcity during the dry season and in the rainy season we drank dirty water until these missionaries came to our village and intervened by providing clean water for us. The women are no longer wandering for days in search of drinking water we are now enjoying clean water. Before the water project in our village many of us have died because of the kind of water that we were drinking but since this water was given to us, we are no more sick. Before missionaries gave us this water, we used to leave the village in search of dirty water for 2 days and many times we come back home without water to face beatings from our husbands but now we step out of our huts and fetch clean water. We thank Jesus for sending these missionaries to us and we pray that God will surely bless them”. – Debo



I am the Head of my village, one afternoon I saw some people came into our village on motorcycles. They approached me and told me that they were in our village to tell us about Jesus, I did not understand what they were saying but I later understood that they were talking about the God of the Christians. I did not want to welcome them because we are comfortable with the worship of Idols and we do not know anything about the God of the Christians. They tried to introduce Jesus to us but we all say that we do not want any other god other than “Maigiro” they left and returned after 3 months and continued with the message of Jesus and the entire village surrendered to the God of the Christians. Since our conversion, our lives have been transformed by the missionaries; he has been giving us food and clothes. He has built a beautiful church for us and installed borehole for us, our school is now under construction so that our children will go to school for the first time since the existence of our village. We thank Baba Oscar for giving us Jesus; we now go to church and worship a God who is all powerful. Last year February we were persecuted and harassed to renounce Jesus but we vowed to worship Jesus all the days of our lives because when we were dying for lack of clean water and were naked and hungry no one remembered us except Baba Oscar and his team. They brought Jesus to us and we are ready to die for Jesus. – Tsoho


This is the story of Aisha who was naked with her daughters before our interventions and has never eaten rice since she was born. This is her testimony

“I thank God for the missionaries and the strange God that they brought to us, my family members have not been eating rice until these Missionaries came, I and my daughters have been naked but since we come in contact with these strangers everything about us changed. We now eat rice whenever they visit and we cannot count the number of clothes that we have. The knowledge of Jesus has transformed our lives, we pray and sing the songs of the Christians and everybody in our village is now happy. We are no longer fighting or  quarreling because of what the pastor is teaching us and every member of the village has vowed to follow Jesus who has provided everything for us through the missionaries”.-Igge