Afri-Mission and Evangelism Network (AMEN) embarks on missionary journeys to villages where Christ has not been preached. The strategy is gospel in one hand and humanitarian services in another hand. Through this intervention people are brought to the saving power of Christ. Mission team members in search of villages where neither no one has preached Christ nor any one heard about Jesus usually move in car for about 8 hours and on bike for about 3 hours before accessing the target group. Hostility, attacks, intolerance and persecution has characterized this intervention but we are determined that nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ; Jesus said “If you love me keep my commandments. The command of the Great commission is the last instruction of Jesus to His disciples and this has been passed down to all generations of Christians, hence our resolution that threats, poverty, danger, perils and persecution should not stop us from reaching the unreached in Africa. Since 2007 till today the mission directorate has embarked on missionary journeys for about 40 times to unreached villages in Nigeria with tremendous harvest of souls. About 18,500 people who had not heard about Jesus were brought to the saving power of Christ through our gospel intervention Project. These villages before our intervention were predominantly Idol worshipers and were resistant to the gospel initially but today, they are bouncing in the Lord and doing great exploit taking the gospel to neighboring villages with beautiful testimonies of the faithfulness of Christ. Planning, Research and Statistics directorate of AMEN is at present spiritually mapping some villages in West African countries where Christ


Nicodemus was a great disciples of Jesus (John 3:1-2) He was a Pharisee, a ruler of the Jews who held nocturnal meetings with Christ, Nicodemus knew that Jesus is Lord but could not identify with Him in the open for fear of the Jews. He defended Jesus before the Pharisees ( John 7:51) He also identify with Joseph of Arimathea (another secret disciple of Jesus) to publicly declare for Jesus by going to Pilate to ask for the body of Christ for burial, There were secret disciples of Jesus while He was on earth and there are secret disciples today. Operation Nicodemus is aimed at reaching to those who admire Jesus but could not openly identify with Him for one fear or the other. We have worked on this operation under the platform of Christ Reconciliation and Deliverance Ministry and have recorded large conversion of men and women who surrendered to the saving power of Christ.

This category of Christians does not go to church for fear of being put to death or victimized by the adherent s of their former religions. We have developed personalized strategy plans for our missionaries working under this operation to follow-up, teach and disciple these secret disciples of Christ until they are mature to publicly declare for Jesus.


Afri-Mission Institute For Missionary Studies is the arm responsible for the training of missionaries recruited by AMEN. We first discover potential missionaries and Evangelists and create enabling environment and training that will foster the vision of reaching the unreached. The recruitment and training unit of AMEN embarks on recruitment trips twice in a year to search for indigenous labourers and mobilize them for the annual training programs in Afri-Mission Institute for Missionary Studies. At the end of the training, successful trainees are sent out to the field for six months for field experience under the supervision of monitoring and evaluation team before they are finally separated and sent to fulfill their calling in the mission fields of their primary assignments. We have trained and sent 74 missionaries since inception and currently plan to execute “Project 5,000 missionaries to the North” to reach 100 unreached communities in or before 2026 (Vision 2026)



AMEN trains and empowers missionaries to plant churches in the villages of Africa where no church exists and nurture, support and supervise the churches until they are able to sustain themselves. The names of churches planted by missionaries trained by AMEN are fashioned after the Biblical churches, example the church in Corinth, the church in Ephesus, the church in Thessalonica. If a church is planted in any village, the name of the church will be derived from the name of the village.

Afri-Mission and Evangelism Network has exit strategy that will enable the missionaries have full control of the churches they planted. It is important to note that AMEN does not plant churches where there is already existing church and does not own or run church. Afri- Mission and Evangelism Network has planted 12 churches among the unreached peoples group in Nigeria.


Your monthly support of $100 helps meet the needs of  an indigenous missionary and his family while he preach the gospel where  Christ has not been preached and enlarge God’s kingdom and ensure that those who have never heard about Jesus are brought into the  kingdom


Your gift of $100 sponsors a missionary for 6 months training in Afri-mission institute for missionary studies for onward deployment to take the gospel and love of Christ to the Hausa/ Fulani, Dukawa, Kambari and Zabramawa people groups in Northern Nigeria.


A gift of $1000 will provide operation Nicodemus missionary with a motorcycle to move around the nooks and crannies of the target region while secretly converting and discipling those who cannot boldly identify with Christ in the open.