Recruitment and training of Missionaries is a priority area in the projects of Afri-Mission. Our training program commenced in earnest in the year 2021 and In the first quarter of the year2022, 10 diaspora missionaries were trained in collaboration with Antioch Christian Centre/Ignited Church Nigeria. In the month of February 33 Conventional Missionaries were trained in Kebbi State Northwest Nigeria. All the training were elaborate as seasons resource persons lectured the trainees on diaspora and Conventional missiologies, Spiritual Mapping, Discipleship, Persons of Peace Theology, Friendship Evangelism Model, Spiritual Warfare and Diaspora Mission Administration and strategies.

In the second quarter the training team moved to Enugu state in Southeast Nigeria where about 50 Diaspora Missionaries were trained to target Muslims who have migrated to the Southern part of Nigeria for one reason or the other. In the third quarter 300 missionaries were trained in collaboration with Assemblies of God, Nsukka district and in the fourth quarter 21 missionaries were trained in the Federal Capitall Territory Abuja. To the glory of God Almighty, Afri-Mission and Evangelism Network trained a total number of 414 missionaries both in Diaspora and Conventional Mission Projects in the year 2022 alone.

Children were not left out in the training program of Afri-mission and Evangelism network, we are presently moving from school to school to recruit Christian kids into Young Missionaries club.