AMEN Orphan and Vulnerable Children Project is aimed at rehabilitating and meeting the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in our fields of interventions. In the course of our missionary work, we encountered thousands of children who roam about the bush like animals without getting back to their families for years, many of them had not taking bath for years and our team members has taken the responsibility of bathing them and teaching them about sanitation and hygiene. In a particular field, we encountered children between the age of 8 and 12 years who had not won clothe since they were born according to parents and eye witnesses.



Every 3 months Clothe the Naked Program team mobilizes new and fairly used clothes for distribution to children and adults. Majority of them were malnourished and sick, we provided them with foods and drugs, re-united these children with their parents and sensitized them (Parents) on the need to take care of their children. We supplied soaps and detergent to every household for proper hygiene of the children. Not a single child or adult has gone to school in all the 12 communities of our intervention; Our school project is aimed at further rehabilitating these children. Over 1,400 children have benefited directly from our OVC intervention.

All the children in all the 12 communities had charms around their necks and waists before our intervention . According to the villagers, the charms are for protection against witchcraft powers which feed on the blood of the children, some of them are for protection from serpents and some are for prevention against sicknesses and untimely death. Our OVC team conducted deliverance for them and cut off all charms from their bodies and dedicated all the children to Jesus . Majority of the adults have renounced Witchcrafts and embraced Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Since intervention the children mortality rate has reduced drastically. Your donation to our OVC program will help to rehabilitate more vulnerable children, provide food, clothe and shelter and give them basic education.

A donation of $50 will provide food for an orphan or a vulnerable child who moves around the bush like wide animal and keep him/her in school for a period of one term.