2022 Global Hunger Index indicates that Nigeria has 12.7% of its population undernourished and ranks 103 out of 121 countries. Malnourishment can compromise immune systems, delay cognitive development, stunt growth, cause pregnancy complications, and so much more.
Afri-mission Feed the hungry project aims to provide food and supplements to the hungry in our own small capacity. We reach out to the hungry people in remote communities in Nigeria with food and food supplements to cushion the effect of hunger and malnutrition; we visit each community twice in a year with food stuffs for distribution. We also train the villagers on resilience livelihood strategies thus empowering agricultural skill to help them with good yields. About 700 households have benefitted from the intervention in the FCT, Kebbi, Niger and Enugu states.

We preach the gospel to the poorest of the poor since our target groups are those who have not heard about Jesus who live in remote villages. These people do not eat rice until Afri-mission gives them rice. We sincerely solicit for support to enable us provide food and food supplement to them and cushion the effect of malnutrition. Your donation of $50 will provide rice to 5 families who are eagerly waiting for us to visit so that they can eat rice.