In all our fields not a single person has attended school; they are so primitive and barbaric to the extent that they will run away any time strangers enter the village. We planned to take the gospel along with civilization and free education but were constrained by lack of fund. We are at present constructing 3 blocks of 6 classrooms in one of our mission fields and over 500 children have been mobilized for next academic session. We hope to kickstart schools in all our entire mission fields while trusting God to provide for us partners who will support our education program for the unreached peoples group in Nigeria and other African Countries.

It is shocking to note that not a single person has attended school in the 12 communities where we are at present pioneering the gospel. To usher in civilization, we are at present constructing blocks of classrooms in a kambari community. A budget of $50,000 has been made to complete the project, provide furniture Teaching aids, recruit teachers and enroll the First batch of students in one of our mission fields, your donation will help us change the lives of over 2000 children and emancipate them from mental slavery and ignorance.