Access to clean water and improved sanitation facilities is a serious challenge for many Nigerian communities. Acute scarcity of water in northern Nigeria calls for a declaration of state of emergency, it is about only 30 percent of the population that has access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation while 70 percent are going through serious difficulties due to lack of safe drinking water.


Afri-Mission Humanitarian unit visited a community in Niger state and was told that the women left for two days in search of drinking water and had not returned. In all the communities where we have gone to carry out hydrological survey, the inhabitants are drinking dirty water and find it difficult to access even the dirty water during the dry season. This contributes to high prevalence of waterborne diseases and threatens the livelihoods of the villagers
Afri-Mission Clean Water Program has provided clean water to three communities in Kebbi and Niger states.

It cost a total of $1200 to install a manual borehole for a community in areas where people are dying for acute water scarcity, your gift no matter how small if gathered will help provide a community with water and draw them close to the water of life