In our first Missionary Journey, a naked woman handed over a bowl of dirty water to the mission president. He sipped the water and was latter hospitalized, after his recovery, he vowed to source for fund to provide clean water for the people. In all our fields of intervention, the villagers are drinking dirty, muddy contaminated water in the rainy season which caused several deaths due to water borne diseases.


During dry season, the villagers suffer to the point of death for lack of dirty drinking water. When we embarked on 2016 first missionary journey in the month of March, we met a pathetic natural disaster. The whole villagers left the village for the past two days in search of dirty drinking water. The few people we met told us that they no longer sleep in the night as cries of children who are thirsty resonate from various households causing wailing noise every night. AMEN Clean water project directorate has provided clean water to 3 communities. We are at present praying and trusting God to raise partners and connect us with organizations which are into water charity to help us ameliorate the water challenges in our various mission fields. Provision o f  water f o r t h e u n r e a c h e d p e o p l e groups will be a veritable tool for evangelism a n d mission ; giving them physical water will help them appreciate the “water of life”

It cost a total of $1200 to install a manual borehole for a community in areas where people are dying for acute water scarcity, your gift no matter how small if gathered will help provide a community with water and draw them close to the water of life