Our desire is to build a formidable work force to carry out the vision and Mission which God has given to us. We have worked on the mandate of reaching the unreached with the gospel and love of Christ through humanitarian Interventions for the past 14 years and have recorded tremendous results in our convention missions amid numerous challenges. We are now strategizing on how to diversify.

The challenges associated with conventional missions are now unbearable and we cannot fold our hands and watch the agenda of the enemies of the gospel prevails in Nigeria. We embarked on training of 30 diaspora missionaries in January 2021. The trainees will be graduating in June 2021, these conventional and Diaspora Missionaries will be deployed to work  in FCT and Nasarawa state, North Central Nigeria among the unreached people groups. The trainees are being trained in diasporamissiology.

After the six months training we plan to develop out-of-box missiological strategies through intensive study of Biblical missions and the strategies of missionaries’ heroes. We hope to rely on pneumatogical innovation as we brainstorm while considering the geo-political, socio-cultural and psycho-spiritual configurations of the target groups. We plan to prioritize Diaspora missions as it has becoming very necessary with the mass migration of the unreached to north central and southern regions of Nigeria. The intelligence report gathered by our Research and Strategy Development Unit has shown that the mass migration of the unreached is connected with evil intention. If we fail to reach out to them, the tendency that they will reach to us with their A.K -47 and bombs will be very high.

Our Research and Strategy Development Unit has also discovered the massive deployment of Sex agents whose assignment is to impregnate Christian girls in the southern part of Nigeria, lure them into marriage and give birth to their kinds. These sex agents are well funded to attract Christian girls. We are planning to counteract their strategy by developing action plans through the leading of the Holy Spirit that will conquer them and bring them to the saving knowledge of Christ through Diaspora Missions Intervention. They migrated for evil but we believe that God sent them to us to evangelize them since fear could not allow us to reach them in their home communities

Afri-Mission gives trainees monthly stipends and lunch is served every Saturday to encourage them. We are trusting God for provision to deploy them and pay them monthly allowances at the end of their training. We are currently identifying the unreached in FCT and Nasarawa state to enable us build data bank for easy targeting.

We hope to scale up this project to all the 17 states in southern Nigeria. This project has a multiplier effect as we plan to disciple the converts and send them to reach their people in their own communities. Friendship evangelism and Act of Christian Kindness are veritable tools in our action plan. We have recorded tremendous result in our conventional missions using these tools and we are very optimistic that they will work in our Diaspora mission project.

Recently we received a grant from Kingdom Missions Fund to train another 30 diaspora missionaries and empower them to reach the unreached with the gospel and love of Christ. The missionaries have been trained, empowered and are doing exploits bringing the unreached to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Our Requests

We passionately appeal to mission-minded Christians, organizations and churches to support us financially and materially to train and deploy diaspora missionaries into every southern communities in Nigeria to evangelize our killers before they kill us. Logistic challenge is seriously affecting us; we need buses, pickup vans, trucks to convey people and goods from place to place. Our diaspora missionaries need motorcycles, tricycles and bicycles. We sincerely appeal for donations to help us ease our transportation challenge

All our conventional and diaspora missionaries and families need prayers, pray for all of us to be strengthened and not to give up. Our wives and children should be encouraged in the Lord and not get tired of suffering for the sake of the gospel. Lastly pray for our country Nigeria.